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The Leza Garcia family has been cultivating its own vineyards for three generations. It was the grandfather, Juan Leza Arenzana, who started out in the wine world at the turn of the last century.  The autonomous community of the Rioja is located in the western apex of the historical and ancient Ebro river valley. In spite of its relatively small territorial size, it enjoys a very privileged diversified scenery, flora and fauna, due to its inherently varied geographical characteristics which receive life from the diverse rivers which go through its fertile plains. In the Rioja Alta or Rioja highlands prevails the Atlantic climate with soft temperatures (in the winter with an average low of 4 degree C, and in the summer with a maximum temperature ranging from 15 to 22 degrees centigrade, with a moderate rainfall which diminishes in the lower Rioja region area.The eastern region of the Rioja is mostly influenced by a Mediterranean climate, although its winters are cold. The greatest differences in temperatures are found in the mountain ranges, where the temperatures reach numbers well bellow zero in the winter.  La Rioja enjoys the importance of having being at the center of many of Spain' historical key moments, despite being the smallest autonomous community in Spain. It was conquered by the Romans, occupied by the Muslims, and it was the reason for disputes between Navarre, Castile and Aragon during the middle ages.

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