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A Unique Region

The vineyard is adjacent to the Andes Mountain Range, in the Province of Mendoza, 3500-feet altitude, just below the Tupungato Volcano which gives its name to the village. Tupungato is the highest area of the Uco Valley and the point of departure of the Wine Route, along which some of Argentina’s most famous bodegas have set foot, due to the very high quality of the soil and grapes.

Beside its own 8.5-hectare vineyard planted with Malbec, Bodega Raffy also manages some high quality parcels of old vines in neighbouring properties. Protected from wet weather by the Andes Mountain Range, the Malbec varietal finds on the sandy soils of Tupungato the dry climate and the constant sunlight that it needs to reach its full phenolic maturity. It also benefits from the perfect thermal amplitude it needs (cool at night and hot during the day) to achieve a great balance between maturity and freshness.

The combination of high elevation, alluvial soils, irrigation sourced from the Andes Mountains, a long growing season with over 250 sunny days a year, little rain and vast temperature dierences between day and night are all conducive to growing quality wine grapes. These climate and geography elements come together to provide excellent fruit ripening and concentration, developing colours, aromas and flavours.

The Malbec Grape

The Malbec varietal used is a local one, pied franc (ungrafted vines), which brings great typicity to the wine as well as a sense of place. A small berry variety, the grapes are of great concentration and quality, with low yields and complex aromatics.

Manual Haversting

Harvests are exclusively done manually, which allows us to only pick the healthiest and most perfectly mature grapes. Those grapes are then directly taken to the wine-making unit adjacent to the vineyard, where they arrive intact in the same small cases which were used to harvest them.

A Sustainable Viticulture

The rigourous winters and the arid summer of Tupungato’s Higher Valley naturally protect the grapevines against its usual enemies. This allows us to cultivate our vineyards without any use of chemicals nor pesticides, as we only use organic products.


Available Wines

Raffy Hedera (Malbec)

Raffy Hedera (Rose)

Raffy Hedera (Torrontes)

Raffy Tursos (Malbec)

Raffy Pardus (Malbec)


Raffy Presentation

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